Frequently asked questions

Cool idea, but is the data accurate?

The purpose of this project is to have the most accurate data for opening hours possible. Our entire experise and mission is basically this. Without our community, that is you, we don't stand a chance.

My favourite bar is missing!

It will appear one of these days, especially if you kindly take a few minutes and add it as soon as you can. Why should you? Because the whole philosophy of the project is to grow and prosper by utilizing our users' local presence.

How about holidays?

Are the stores open on holidays is especially tough to answer. We have a special way of tackling this problem and it's getting data from the web or by user confirmation.

Is the development of OpenHours solution easy?

No :)

Why not?

The easier the system is to use and more data it has, the more work has to be invested into it. This means two things: manual and strenous work and even more importantly getting the basics and our system design right.

We hope that you like the service so far, and we promise that we will continue to innovate and push it to the next levels.

How will you get rewarded for your efforts?

We are fullfilled when our users are happy. Regarding material rewards, we do want to innovate here as well and build a solution where our users have a chance of earning money. Stay tuned ;)

What you have to know is that we together have to let local owners know that with our platform they can achieve greater visibility, get loyal customers and achieve bigger revenues.

Can I... a friend that owns a restaurant, store or a car wash service (and provides quality service)?

Absolutely... suggest them to add their place to OpenHours and start editing all the data. Later we can together provide him or her with more ways to promote the business via monthly fee for special geo-ads and other ways for more promotion.