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Village News Stores, Castle Street, Holt, Wrexham, Wrexham
LL13 9YL
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53.07896, -2.88212

Lanchester News, 19 Front Street, Lanchester, Durham, County Durham
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54.82246, -1.74378

Morgam News, 27 Monnow Street, Monmouth, Gwent
NP25 3EF
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51.81138, -2.7171

Petworth News, Lombard Street, Petworth, West Sussex
GU28 0AG
50.98665, -0.60981

Martins News, 13 Southampton Road, , Ringwood, Hampshire
BH24 1HB
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50.8466, -1.79122

127-129 Radipole Lane
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50.6245123417647, -2.47687336439386