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19. Nov 2017 at 18:25

I came to Mcdonalds (7 Low Road, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 1QR) to pick up an order for an uber customer (19.11.2017 about 12:30 PM). As an Uber driver, I have right to open order bags to check the quantity of orders and quality of packages. I asked Lucy (2nd line manager) did she put two lids on top of a drink (drinks delivered by uber got split in a bags if they are only single lid). She told me she does not suppose to double cap that drinks as she wasn't told to do that. She refused to double lid that drink. I told her all McDonalds in Leeds double lid that drinks (to avoid spillages) and last week one of night managers were sacked just because of that. She completely ignored me. I open up a paper bag with that drink and I checked myself is that drink was a double lid. She starts to ask me why I open that order. I'm entitled to open that orders as uber permit me to do that. The drink wasn't a double lid. I asked a manager (Ash........ they all didn't provide me with their surnames) which stand on my right side (and fulfil drive-in orders) to put the 2nd lid on top of that drink. He told me it's fine with one lid. I asked him to do that at least twice. He refused. I asked once again Lucy to do that. She lied to me, and she told me it's double-lid already. She took out that drink in front of Ash (manager), and she showed him it's only single lid. She did stupid face and put the second lid on already lid drink. She didn't apologise me; she didn't do anything in front of Ash (manager). I did gesture of disappointment in front both of them and I asked them why both lie in front of me. They didn't responded. One minute after Dwayne (3rd manager) asked me to leave as I disturb them. As a reason, he told me I had a "fight" with their customer (Indeed there was toothless lady close to the building which shouted to me something that I couldn't understand).
I told them I want to pick up my order as I'm still waiting. Dwayne (manager) told me he would call uber to cancel that order. He lied to me he's calling them as I had to wait till he calls them once again. He lied to the uber employee about my aggression (there was plenty of people inside - emplyees, customers, managers, and camera in front of me). Order of that customer was cancelled. I asked them all for names and walked away.

I have to say "bravo" for such a response from the management of Mcdonald Hunslet team. This is the only place in Leeds where I found such racist (I'm Polish) people which ambition had to prove me I'm nobody as a customer. They don't know how to serve there right. This is the only Mcdonald in Leeds now which refuse to serve drinks correctly (bagged in a try, double lid). Three people refused to fulfil this order (even if they know that uber make me responsible on behalf of the customer to serve this orders in correct procedures).

I was insulted by them and convicted by them. They are also frauds as they claimed (to uber) I was aggressive to them.

There is no way not to complain about it further as all of them should be sacked for gross misconduct.

Dear Mcdonald, please check your camera recording and don't let scammers ruin your business.

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