McDonald's Ipswich Ravenswood

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01473 724767
52.029913, 1.20115
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29. Apr 2017 at 19:27

After spending £23.00 approximately for a meal for the family and hoping to add to our monopoly compition chance we find that food was packed in normal boxes so we have got no chance of winning .Hardly likely to win at this rate.

16. Jun 2016 at 13:58

This place is ridiculous everytime we come busy or not they make us park in BAY F*CKING 1 and after waiting 10 minutes for our food which is supposed to be a fast food restaurant our food isn't even correct. So poor maybe you need to sort out your staff because they are rubbish mate they can't even read what the screen says. WHY IS THE MAN ON THE SPEAKER ASKING ME WHAT SAUCE I WANT WHEN I DONT EVEN RECIEVE A SAUCE WHEN I GET MY FOOD? And chips are cold

06. May 2015 at 13:31

i would like to complain i came into McDonald's for a egg and sausage muffin ...the girl that served me i had complained about before ... she deliberately left out the sausage i paid for it and never got what i paid for .....she had love bites on her neck they were all to busy laughing and messing about with friends ...i was to scared to say anything i felt so intimidated .

14. Mar 2015 at 15:14

Just got home with my drive through and have once again found half of it missing! Too far to go back and get the rest of my order! This often happens. HOW HARD IS IT?? you have the order on a screen in front of you!! Come on guys. It's not difficult. Crap restaurant, find another if I were you.

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