McDonald's West Auckland

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01388 665192
54.640576, -1.69372
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  • Christmas Eve, 24. Dec
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23. Feb at 8:06

Ordered food from very polite employee then drove to Spennymoor only to realise for a second time they had put meat in a vegetarians order -rang Bishop McDonalds asked for manager but got lad called Martin who argued and was determined not to help -said his manager was Julie but was not in and would not disclose Regional managers details-This lad is in the wrong location to argue because somebody will take real exception .Failed us miserably- perhaps change job to litter picking as its all over their car park and surrounding area. Wont return .

06. Nov 2016 at 18:24

got my order to get home and see there wasnt the fries i ordered, fries were missing out of a happymeal and the large chicken sandwich meal with a fanta wasn't large at all and my large banana milkshake may aswell have been a medium, please dismiss the scrawny weasel looking lad that served me to the dole line where he belongs...... GRACIAS

21. Jul 2015 at 10:31

We called into mcdonalds (a once in a bluemoon thing ) 20/07/15 just after midnight. There were a few in the drive threw when we pulled up but shop was completely empty. After a few minutes of being ignored I was met by high pitched feminine male screech informing me I'd be seen soon. Centuries passed then a lovely young man came round the front, saw us waiting apologised and took our order. The young man's name was lennard he was most helpful informed us they didn't have some thing apologised gave us waiting times if we wanted a legend to be cooked excellent customer service! At which point the hyperactive femine male came back from his drive through hatch he was joined by what I assumed was the manager tho I see no evidence of her managing anything anytime soon. She began to pull lennard to pieces with screech and was not quiet about doing so. I felt awful for him and a full that he went out of his way and made me what I wanted which is madness. There are some fab people working there but it if hadn't been for one last night you defiantly wouldn'thave had my custom and you defiantly won't again ! I'm giving you 1 start because that's all I saw evidence that your tindale branch had last night

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