St Merryn Holiday Village
C/O the Supermarket
PL28 8QA Padstow
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01841 520416
50.5114695, -4.9814197
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Please call: 01841 520416 for opening hours.
  • Spring bank holiday, 30. May
    opening hours are missing
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24. Sep 2021 at 10:08

We had a similar experience.... very angry older shop assistant. Very rude, not a nice word to say although we were polite and “smiley”!
Didn’t go again.
You would have thought I had asked her pay for the shopping and carry it home for me with the reception we got. In a nasty world no need to be so rude. She looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp!
NO NEED for it. Just be nice and people are nice back.
It’s the little things that make or break someone’s good will and Help their day.

25. Jul 2021 at 16:02

I recommend visiting this shop in the morning before Angry entitled ‘Karen’ (didn’t see the name) starts on you for not wearing a mask even though it is no longer a legal requirement. We unintentionally only had one mask with us on our trip to the nisa for a Mask and the woman said that if we came into the shop again with our a mask she would refuse to serve us. Bare in mind government restrictions were lifted a week ago and it is no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask.

It’s the fact that she threatened to ban us not politely ask to wear a mask. Over priced with rude staff - only visit if you have too. Or please visit on the morning when the lovely girl is behind the till as she is polite

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