Tesco Aberdeen Woodend Superstore

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0345 6719557
57.15033584, -2.171110742
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  • Monday
    06.00 - 24.00
  • Tuesday
    06.00 - 24.00
  • Wednesday
    06.00 - 24.00
  • Thursday
    06.00 - 24.00
  • Friday
    06.00 - 24.00
  • Saturday
    06.00 - 24.00
  • Sunday
    08.00 - 22.00
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07. Nov 2016 at 16:29

As a regular customer at Woodend I had the worst checkout service ever today. The girl who served me seemed in a completely indifferent, if not bad mood. She had her elbows resting on the desk while she threw the groceries from the scanner to the loading board, drank from a bottle of juice while I entered my pin. There was absolutely no attempt to communicate, and no greeting or farewell. She gave the clear impression that she just didn't want to be there, and that as a customer I was irrelevant. She also was not wearing a name badge, so I can only identify her as young, very 'made up' with a full face and black hair, and positioned at a checkout furthest from the stairs. I checked out at 14:37, Monday 7th November. I don't make a habit of complaining but I felt that in this case Tesco Woodend needed to know how this member of staff was performing.

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