Boots Pharmacy Newbury Retail Park

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Opening hours
  • Monday, Spring bank holiday, 27. May
    no info [1]
  • Tuesday
    08.30 - 00.00
  • Wednesday
    08.30 - 00.00
  • Thursday
    08.30 - 00.00
  • Friday
    08.00 - 00.00
  • Saturday
    08.00 - 00.00
  • Sunday
    10.00 - 16.00
[1] Mon, 27. May, No data for Spring bank holiday. Please call...! (Usual opening hours: 08.30-00.00)
  • Spring bank holiday, 27. May
    opening hours are missing
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28. Oct 2022 at 17:58

Have been using Boots Pharmacy at the retail park for over 10 years. Have seen a steady decline over this time, but in the last year, absolutely diabolical. Large queues, rubbish service. Staff will often serve no one, not even acknowledge the queue. I know they are busy but it’s infuriating when they stand behind counter, heads down, as if the queue does not exist. They love their do not abuse the staff posters. I would imagine if they just got better these kinds of notices would be unnecessary.

22. Aug 2022 at 12:20

I rang the pharmacy just to check if my prescription was ready . A young lady named Charlotte answered the call . This was my first time using Boots at the retail park and I have now changed my set chemist to the retail park. So professional and clear on instructions. Thank you

20. May 2022 at 18:23

What a joke been ringing & ringing they won't answer the phone. I've seen them just ignoring the phone when I've been there waiting. Also I have to wait in the queue to then be told I have to wait again its ridiculous. Its very unprofessional and some of the staff are very rude, ive asked to see the manager but they point blank wouldn't let me talk to the manager. TOTAL JOKE!

25. Feb 2022 at 13:19

Tried to get through to pharmacy and store for two days!!! No answer just clicks off after 30 seconds. Rang customer service who were no use whatsoever. Just isn’t good enough. I’m furious!

06. Dec 2021 at 15:26

Absolute RUBBISH! I urgently need to speak to someone in pharmacy about my blind, immobile 86year old mums medication I do not live locally and she doesn't see and doesn't remember anything. the phone just rings off this is not the first, it would be so bad if you could send an email or leave a message, its just not good enough, I do believe it is a national problem however this is a massive issue if people do not get the correct medication

03. Nov 2021 at 13:57

What a total waste of time after wating for 30 minits to pick up a script for a frend only to be told come back in 30 MORE min's as the pharminst is bissy giving flue jabs!!! I wounder what sort of organiser would do such a dum thing there was only 2 people on the till.. do you think that we have nothing to do but wate for you no matter what? RGB

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