0333 014 8555
51.367981, 0.519164
Opening hours
  • Monday, August Bank Holiday (Scotland), 02. Aug
    no info [1]
  • Tuesday
    00.00 - 24.00
  • Wednesday
    00.00 - 24.00
  • Thursday
    00.00 - 24.00
  • Friday
    00.00 - 24.00
  • Saturday
    00.00 - 24.00
  • Sunday
    00.00 - 24.00
[1] Mon, 02. Aug, No data for August Bank Holiday (Scotland). Please call...! (Usual opening hours: 00.00-24.00)
  • August Bank Holiday (Scotland), 02. Aug
    opening hours are missing
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05. Nov 2016 at 14:30

I I have just used this bp filling station as I normally do. On this occasion I picked up the diesel pump pushed the lever down to release the fuel and the diesel gushed out of the pipe near attached to the handle and spurted everywhere !! Including all up me and my car! my hands are stinging from having diesel spilled over them! The people working there did not say a single word to me! I was disgusted at the customer non existent care! They just came out after I had burst in the shop shouting turn the pumps off there is fuel all over number 4, not a word a lady came out to see what had happened at a slow pace then just said can you move your car to another pump? Not quite the customer care I was looking for! Do they realise how dangerous fuel is? Do they know what it does to your skin ? It could of gone in my eyes!? A simple are you ok? Would of probably resulted in me not being quite as annoyed as I am.

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