McDonald's Fareham

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01329 822879
50.83465, -1.18693
Opening hours
  • Monday
    06.00 - 23.59
  • Tuesday
    06.00 - 23.59
  • Wednesday
    06.00 - 23.59
  • Thursday
    06.00 - 23.59
  • Friday
    06.00 - 23.59
  • Saturday
    06.00 - 23.59
  • Sunday
    06.00 - 23.59
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29. Oct 2014 at 11:56

Not happy as I gave my little sister my Mcdonalds Loyalty card so she could afford something to eat. I came back home yesterday and she told me that they didn't give her the loyalty card back when they should've done because it doesn't expire until the end of the month next year and I've used it countless times. Why they just kept it I do not know but it wasn't a voucher you just keep it was a card. My little sister asked for it back and apparently she said it was the manager that served her and he or she said said they can't give it back. If it was the manager that served her then her or she would know that they shouldn't keep it.

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