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21. May 2019 at 2:15

Very rude staff!
I have had many issues with my local Tesco Express on Violet Road (E3) for the last 7 years about poor management and stock supply and wrong prices displayed etc. but never complained before.
Tonight, I have complained and asked for a refund because it was the third time in a week that it happened and it even went well beyond the acceptable:
The staff was not happy about my claim despite knowing me as a customer for years, and not only they were annoyed by my claim, they insulted me, they told me I was an "idiot" and a "drunk"!
All I was complaining about, courteously, is that they charged me £6.50 for a bottle of wine that was displayed at £5.25 on the shelf, and it was the third time it happened in a week.
I asked them to correct the price at the till, but then was charged another wrong price, and finally when leaving the store they threw insults in my back, like "drunk" and "idiot"!
This is unacceptable! This was in Violet Road Tesco tonight 20 May 2019 at 10:45pm
They threw insult at the back of me, now they are seeing the back of me... Never ever going there again!
Will take the bus to the coop down the road from now on.

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