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02. Oct 2023 at 3:11

I am writing to express my frustration regarding a recent experience I had at one of your stores. I made a purchase at Zara, but unfortunately, I did not receive a receipt for one of the items. When I visited another Zara store, the bodyguards at the door requested to see the receipt as proof of purchase.

Despite not having the physical receipt, I attempted to show them my bank transactions as evidence of the purchase. Unfortunately, they did not accept it as valid proof. This situation left me feeling quite frustrated and unsure of how to proceed. To exacerbate matters, the bodyguards were rather rude and insisted that I return to the previous Zara store to locate the receipt.

While I understand the importance of maintaining security measures, I believe there should be alternative methods to verify a purchase if a receipt is unavailable. It was only after becoming visibly upset that the bodyguard called their manager, who confirmed that I had indeed paid for the item. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide on how to handle similar situations in the future.

If the bodyguards had initially informed me that their manager could quickly verify the purchase, the situation would not have been as prolonged and frustrating. It is crucial to note that this incident triggered my anxiety issues, which were caused by the bodyguard's actions.

I kindly request that you address this matter and provide a suitable resolution. I believe that ensuring better customer service training, similar incidents can be avoided

06. Jul 2023 at 11:52

On the 5th July 2023 I've heard unpleasant complaint between white and black till stuff who sharing to raise duty concerns in front of the customer service desk.Those issues shouldn't be dropped on the shop floor during working hours to upset current situation. I have never heard unpleasant language in ZARA Stores during my shopping, for that reason I would like to see you previous stuff who knows how to treat customers and stuff with professional manners and attitude inside the changing room as well
Another concern is that your black stuff hasn't gotten a basic customer service training how and there to share their lack of knowledge during their shifts.
Example:she black till lady gave me a very good discount for one dress but another black lady refused to give me a very good discount for another dress_ instead been very rude with her Manage during their conversation.
Something went really wrong!?!
Sincerely Yours

06. Jul 2023 at 8:57

Please forward my concern to the relevant Head Office team to raise unpleasant assault inside ZARA Store 05/07/2023,Covent Garden,London with one of your till stuff who refused to give me a refund " saying" doesn't much they till criteria _ it's nothing to do with me_ the item was bought in ZARA Knightsbridge, London with a great till discount and it shouldn't be used complaint & till training against myself over and over again till I left the store.
Sincerely Yours

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