McDonald's Laceby Grimsby

Closed (opens in 3 h 23 min)
01472 753594
53.54963, -0.13879
Opening hours
  • Monday
    06.30 - 23.00
  • Tuesday
    06.30 - 23.00
  • Wednesday
    06.30 - 23.00
  • Thursday
    06.30 - 23.00
  • Friday
    06.30 - 23.00
  • Saturday
    06.30 - 23.00
  • Sunday
    06.30 - 23.00
Location overview
Have you noticed any mistakes?

13. Jan 2023 at 17:54

I use just eat from this mcdonalds and everytime something is missing usually drinks please sort it out take your time and make sure orders are correct not going to bother in future know quite a few people with simular problems

12. Nov 2017 at 15:03

I am a regular here ( well not anymore) so I was a regular here,I’d give it no stars if I could, but I can’t but I suppose they do deserve 1 star for the poor woman rushed off her feet working on the table cleaning job she was really helpful towards and and was such a kind girl, however the food was absolutely appalling and gave me diahreah and sickness for days the kitchen staff were so rude, assertive and aggressive and were spiteful to the other staff on the front they also need more staff on the front as one person dealing with it all just isn’t enough I am disgusted with the way the kitchen runs and the food was awful

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