McDonald's Stoke, Norton Park

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01782 263 662
53.047572, -2.163202
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30. May 2019 at 23:51

I was given cold and stale food spent over 20pound and the taxi fair Will not be going to Norton McDonald's again very disappointed 😞offer me a five pound voucher what a joke

20. Mar 2018 at 19:18

We visited at 17:31 drive thought today and had to wait for our order with 6 other drive through customers.. we received our order at18:00. Discovered once home that the food was cold and there was a large Diet Coke missing and the bq sauce..
fed up with this constant mistake happening!!!!

01. May 2017 at 23:41

I visited your store at 22:15 and as I went to collect me food threw the drive through I was faced with a member of staff who was ignorant and she aggressively handed my food and drink 'there you go' was the only words that she said no manners at all. The young lady had brown hair I can't really give a full describtion as she gave me no time to even look at her. Personally I think it was bad customer service and very ignorant

29. Sep 2016 at 21:25

Called in this morning with my grand daughter for breakfast, the young man behind the counter offered to bring our food to the table for us "above and beyond" the restaurant was immaculate, Ruth .....Tipping? Was quite happily busying around but also could enough to be helpful in the warmest, friendliest smiling manner. Congratulations Mc Donald's on your Norton branch

20. Sep 2016 at 20:19

Called in today 20th September 2016 time was 18:55pm for big mac meal there was 2 other people waiting on one ice cream and one other big mac and they were eatting Inn and they got told to sit down after 10 minutes of waiting and they would bring there food over so then there was just me who was waiting for my big mac not one said sorry about your wait there didn't even smile I st8ll have my recent I was number 16 and I waited from 18:55pm till 19:24pm unbelievable only to get home and the burger was stone cold as well chips were hot and milk shake was only half filled disgrace and I use this Maccies often as I live round the corner from there

01. Dec 2015 at 17:08

We called in today en route home for a snack. The service was brilliant, the staff were smiling and seemed to be genuinely enjoying their work. My daughter discreetly breastfed her baby before she could start screaming the house down and a member of staff who was clearing our table even commented on how lovely it was to see. We weren't made to feel she should hide in the ladies loo but on the contrary. I never comment usually on service but I feel today as the service was so good from the initial service, to the bringing our food and clearing up to saying a goodbye to us, warrants an excellent review.

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