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  • St David's Day (Wales only), 01. Mar
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03. Oct 2015 at 17:20

A few months back I went into this filling station on my motorbike (I've been using this place for over 40 years way back to when it was known The Windmill Service Station) never having had any problems before and I was refused fuel unless I took my crash helmet off. This is both time consuming and unnecessary.

I asked why and I was told that it was in case I drove off without paying.

I explained that, there is a perfectly good CCTV system in operation and just like any motor car, which it was accepted had also been known to drive off (no doubt with a lot more unpaid fuel on board than a motorbike) my motorcycle has a registration plate allowing them to trace me as the registered keeper.

Question, do you think they would refuse to serve someone driving a car who was wearing a burka and ask them to remove it, no, that would be discrimination!

Well, this is discrimination against all motorcyclists.

I went back in today in my car and filled up and asked if the same ridiculous policy was in still in operation for motorbikes and I received the answer yes.

So, sadly after 40 years frequenting this great little filling station which has served me well it will no longer receive my custom as either a car driver or a motorcyclist. Instead I will simply travel the extra 50 yards to Sainsbury's, a station they are trying to compete with and who do not insist on my removing my crash helmet when fuelling my motorbike. I will fuel my car, my wife's car and my motorbike(s) there in future.

To the owners, think on, it's difficult enough for the small fuel retailer to compete & attract good customers, there's a lot of motorcyclists out there who are also car owners and word spreads.

I would actually rather support the small fuel retailer who tries hard to compete than the big multi nationals but unless this policy changes you have lost a long term customer.

I hope you do reconsider this ridiculous (discriminatory) behaviour.

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